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Catholic Kidlit

Oct 1, 2021

“I love children’s books! Why don’t I make a podcast?”

I’m not exactly sure what put this crazy idea in my mind, but I am so glad to be here with you preparing to launch this new podcast, Catholic Kidlit! Here you’ll find the “trailer” for Season 1 of Catholic Kidlit (which is me doing my best to explain what to expect). Please forgive any rambling…Podcasting is new to me, and normally my guests will be doing most of the talking ;)

In today’s short podcast, you’ll hear:

  • A little about me
  • Why I think Catholic kidlit (aka. children’s books) is so important and special
  • The gap in the writing community
  • A new setup to support aspiring and published Catholic kidlit authors
  • And more!

For more information about the podcast and/or the Writers Club, visit

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